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Schedule an appointment with James A. Heinsimer, M.D. Affiliated with Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak and St. Joseph Mercy Oakland in Pontiac. Offices located in Royal Oak (Beaumont - Royal Oak Professional Building) and Waterford, Michigan.

For an appointment, call Dr. Heinsimer's office at (248)-551-0066. Leave a message or fill out the information provided below. Please fill out these forms as completely as possible. If you need help filling them out let Dr. Heinsimer know.

The forms should be faxed back to (248)-481-9605 or mailed back to 3535 West 13 Mile Rd. - Suite 504, Royal Oak, MI (48073) or 4000 Highland Rd. - Suite 100, Waterford, MI (48328). Or alternatively, you can drop them off at either office Monday to Friday (9AM to 5PM).

Typically, Dr. Heinsimer will see patients in the Beaumont office on Wednesday and Waterford office on Friday. Dr. Heinsimer looks forward to meeting you. Please call him if you have any questions at (248)-551-0066.

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Dr. James Heinsimer has offices located in Royal Oak and Waterford, Michigan. Affiliated with Beaumont Hospital (Royal Oak) and St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital.

Personalized Attention

Personalized patient attention. Dr. James Heinsimer takes care of patients by himself (not a different doctor at each visit). It is like having "concierge care" without the concierge price tag. Unlike other doctors who use "hospitalists" for inpatient care, Dr. Heinsimer takes care of his patients in the hospital providing continuity of care.

Preventive & Non-Invasive

A goal of keeping patients out of the hospital, and (where possible) avoiding open heart surgery, and procedures, such as angioplasty or stenting. His practice emphasizes wellness and risk factor modification.

A Little About Dr. Heinsimer:

Dr. James Heinsimer is a non-invasive and preventive cardiologist and internist serving the Southeast Michigan area. He is affiliated with and admits to 2 of the best hospitals in the area - William Beaumont Hospital (Royal Oak) and St. Joseph Mercy Oakland (in Pontiac just north of Bloomfield Hills).

Dr. Heinsimer has been in practice since 1985. He sees patients in either of his 2 offices - in Waterford Michigan or at the William Beaumont Hospital Professional (medical office) building in Royal Oak.

Dr. Heinsimer received his medical degree (MD) as well as a Master of Science degree (biochemistry) from the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. He then did his Internal Medicine training with a 3 year medical internship and residency at the Dartmouth Hospitals in Hanover, New Hampshire. He did a 1st year of cardiology Fellowship at Dartmouth and then subsequently he did an additional 3 years of Cardiology Fellowship (specialized training in Cardiology) at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

While at Duke as a fellow in training in cardiology, Dr. Heinsimer was mentored, learned from, and worked with Dr. Robert J. Lefkowitz who won the Nobel Prize in 2012. Dr. Heinsimer published numerous papers with Dr. Lefkowitz regarding adrenaline receptors (the site of action of a class of drugs used to treat heart disease called beta blockers). Dr. Heinsimer has published numerous papers, abstracts, and book chapters including articles in The Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the prestigious Journal of Clinical Investigation, Circulation, and the Journal of the American Medical Association among others. Dr. Heinsimer was Director of Research at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital for 14 years with involvement in many major clinical trials and investigations of new devices.

After finishing his Fellowship in Cardiology at Duke, Dr. Heinsimer stayed on as a faculty member at Duke and was the Director of Echocardiography at the Duke VA Hospital. He was also a staff cardiologist involved with the Duke Cardiac Rehabilitation program and also had responsibility for a weekly teaching program for the Duke cardiology fellows.

Dr. Heinsimer is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, a Fellow of the American Heart Association and a Fellow of the American College of Physicians. (Fellowship is a level of involvement beyond and recognition beyond simply being a member of a given society). He is a past president of the Michigan Society of Echocardiography. He has served on the Michigan Board of Directors of the American Heart Association and the Board of Directors of the Michigan Society of Echocardiography.

Dr. Heinsimer currently holds a research and teaching position as a Consulting Professor of Internal Medicine (Cardiology) at Duke University Medical Center. He has been continuously involved in research and teaching at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland, Beaumont Hospital and Duke University since coming to Michigan.

He is certified in Cardiovascular Disease and Internal Medicine (American Board of Internal Medicine). He is licensed to practice in both Michigan and North Carolina.

He is a specialist in Cardiology and Internal Medicine. Cardiologists diagnose and treat heart disease, such as hypertension, coronary artery disease, heart rhythm disorders and heart failure. His major clinical interests are in preventive medicine, quality in healthcare and non-invasive, cost-effective, and high quality care.

Dr. James A. Heinsimer's care philosophy is based on prevention and non-invasive medicine. He has established a base of the best doctors in the region for referrals. Patient must be willing to help themselves to improve health such as optimizing their weight, stop smoking, and being willing to check their own blood pressure, etc.

Dr. Heinsimer is able to provide care for a wide range of Internal Medical problems in addition to Cardiology. Patients can have a primary care provider (PCP) or not depending on the situation. For patients not wishing a separate PCP, Dr. Heinsimer will act as PCP.

Download: New Patient Form (.DOC)

Download: New Patient Form (.PDF)

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Download: Blood Pressure Information (.DOC)

Call Dr. James Heinsimer (248)-551-0066 Please leave voice message with full name, phone number, and nature of your call.